Discover all the wonders Central America has in store for you.

We specialize in Northern Central America comprehensive packaged Tours throughout the region comprised by Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Nicaragua, we also have trusted business partners in Costa Rica and Panama to extend our offer to the whole Central America region. With over years of substantial experience providing to important wholesalers and travel companies from all over the world, we have fused an excellent knowledge base with unique and exciting tour packages and exceptional customer service.

Our expertise, knowledge and diligent customer service from our executives and staff will provide you with first-class quality, a fair price and superb service unlike any other in the region.

Come and experience the beauty of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Belize with Verdante and enjoy a most unforgettable Centralamerican experience.


Our team of experienced tour operating professionals and well-trained personnel puts together mouth watering special offers. From adventurous extreme experiences around nature to awe-inspiring white-sand pristine-beaches, our collection of destinations is unforgettable.