Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge


From La Ceiba

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Located only 30 km west of la Ceiba, this wildlife refuge is especially dedicated to the preservation of the habitat for the endangered manatee. It is located in the area between the Cuero and the Salado Rivers, hence the name of the reserve.

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Access to the reserve is via “burra” or hand powered railroad flatcar along the tracks of an old banana train of the Standard Fruit Co. Once within the reserve, we will take a boat tour, where with luck we will see different species of monkeys as well as a variety of acquatic birds.

The park protects about 35 species of animals, including manatees, jaguars, jabirus,whiteface monkeys and other species of monkeys, as well as alligators and a great diversity of fish species. The area is also rich in bird life, with 198 different species(about 28% of the total birds species found in Honduras). • Meals included: Snacks and soft drinks.


Round trip land transportation from your Hotel or the city to La Union, boat guided tour to Cuero y Salado.