Laguna Beach Resort

Bay Islands, Honduras

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An exclusive beach getaway for diving and fishing, located on the island of Utila, the smallest and most unspoiled of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

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This elegantly designed property is set on a palm-fringed peninsula dividing a tranquil mangrove lagoon and the warm Caribbean Sea. Laguna Beach Resort is ideally located on a lushly landscaped, private peninsula on the south central section of the tiny island of Utila. This remote, intimate property’s natural wood design portrays a rustically elegant setting for the perfect island getaway. The beautiful ocean view restaurant and bar, built from natural woods, continues the resort’s rustic theme that compliments the island ambiance Utila is famous for. The island itself sits on top of the second largest fringing coral reef in the world making Laguna Beach a diver’s paradise. The outer banks are home to dolphins and more than the occasional whale shark.


The resort offers elegantly rustic waterfront bungalows. Each bungalow nestled along a tranquil mangrove lagoon is the perfect setting for a view of Utila’s tropical sunset. With all the comforts of home, each room has a spacious bathroom with hot water shower, ceiling fans and air conditioning and 110 volt currents running along the resort.